1. Running TensorFlow with Python 3 kernel in Docker on RaspberryPI

    Installing docker on Raspberry PI 3


    Docker image for TensorFlow with Python 3 kernel

    Based on the tensorflow-rpi-Python2 image (https://github.com/philipz/rpi-tensorflow) of philipz I made some changes and updated to TensorFlow 0.9.

    Code: https://github.com/mfa/rpi-tensorflow

    Image: https ...

  2. Pymacs -- usage example

    For a recurring task I wanted to read a key in the minibuffer of Emacs and insert data from a xml file using xpath.

    The simplified version of my solution using pymacs:

    from Pymacs import lisp
    from lxml import etree
    interactions = {}
    def insert():
      doc = etree.parse(filename ...
    Tagged as : python pymacs

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