1. Imagegeneration for Kindle 4

    Task: Generate images displayable on a Kindle 4.

    Example code using Python and Pillow:

    # -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
    from PIL import Image, ImageDraw, ImageFont
    image = Image.new("P", (600,800), 255)
    # generate a 8 bit greyscale palette
    def palette():
      for i in range(0,256):
        yield i;yield i; yield i
    image ...
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  2. AwesomeWM config snippets

    My favourite windowmanager is awesomewm. I use it on all my workplaces (notebook, desktop, at work).

    Some changes from my config

    • bind ctrl-alt-l to lock screen
    awful.key({ "Mod1", "Control" }, "l",
      function () awful.util.spawn("xscreensaver-command -lock") end)
    • (simple) battery widget using Vicious .
    baticon = widget({ type = "imagebox" })
    baticon.image = image ...
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  3. Arduino first steps

    I want to know, why I didn't tried the Arduino before? Arduino is such a simple way into building something useful with a microcontroller.

    First I wanted to use my new Arduino Uno only using console and Emacs. I used this stuff to get started:

    • avr packages on Ubuntu ...
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