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  1. Particles sensor of opendata-stuttgart

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  2. Voltage Regulator

    To use the ESP8266 and the PPD42NS together we need 5V and 3.3V.

    There are some ways to achieve this.

    First option

    Buy a LM1117.

    Second option

    I didn't have a LM1117, but got a LM317 and two resistors.

    The schema to build a voltage regulator with this ...

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  3. ESP8266 Learnings

    • reducing voltage with resistors can interfere with the PULLUP of your GPIO -> don't pullup
    • a 1€ USB powerplug is crap. you get a lot of interference on your analog signal (i.e. PPD42NS)
    • always cross-check with an oscilloscope. you may be surprised how bad your sensor signal is.

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