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  1. Pymacs -- usage example

    For a recurring task I wanted to read a key in the minibuffer of Emacs and insert data from a xml file using xpath.

    The simplified version of my solution using pymacs:

    from Pymacs import lisp
    from lxml import etree
    interactions = {}
    def insert():
      doc = etree.parse(filename ...
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  2. Write exotic characters in Emacs

    For example you need to write the Unicode-Character for an EM DASH (in Unicode-block 20 character 14).

    So first change the input-method in Emacs to rfc1345 with C-x RET C-

    Now the input-method for this buffer is rfc1345 and with & and the char-code we can enter every unicode character (for ...

    Tagged as : unicode
  3. Using Generic-Mode in Emacs

    These tables are generated using a python script which extracts the data from Matlab files. To write every caption or heading only once I use a data file in which I store key:value-pairs.

    Example file:

    # comment
    key-1: this is the snippet which reoccurs often.
    key-2: and this is another ...
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